Rewires & Installs

Are you looking for some re-wiring to be done or do you need a new complete installation for your property? Look no further than Legacy Electrical Services Ltd. We are able to offer you a complete rewiring service for all types of domestic and commercial properties. Our qualified electricians have many years experience in re-wiring houses.  We are professional, efficient and quick.  We aim to minimize the disruption to your household whilst the re-wiring is being carried out.

We can install new circuits in your home, for things like electric showers and cookers and provide wiring for new/refurbished kitchens and bathrooms etc.

If you’re planning on having an extension, conservatory or loft conversion built, we can wire it to your requirements in a fast and professional way.

Whether you are re-wiring or installing electrics in a smaller domestic property or a larger commercial building, Legacy Electrical Services Ltd are the perfect company for you.

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